The best software, the latest versions...

We focus on loading your web hosting account with the best versions of the most popular and useful software to make running your website super-fast and super-easy.

Here are some examples of just some of the software available in your web hosting account:


With our hosting, you choose the version of PHP that you need for your website. Whether you want to develop on the latest version as it’s released or maintain compatibility and develop on an established, stable release, we’ve got you covered.


With your web hosting account loaded with high performance MySQL on our blazing fast servers, we give you the premier MySQL hosting platform. We’ll always keep MySQL up-to-date and tuned for maximum performance.


Your website depends on the database it uses and you need a website hosting company that makes PostgreSQL easy-to-use. With us, your PostgreSQL is already up-to-date and tuned for maximum performance and security.


Whether you’re developing a Python-based CMS or a personal blog, our high performance Python hosting provides everything you need.


When you need Perl Hosting, we are the reliable host who packs your account with developer oriented features. We support the most up-to-date version of Perl and also provide MySQL or PostgreSQL databases plus free SSH access.


Whether you’re looking to develop software from scratch or want to install an application, our Apache hosting service has got you covered. We keep Apache tuned for high performance on all our servers.


While most hosts only offer Node.js Hosting on VPS, we've optimised our web hosting servers for it. We've even tested and documented an easy setup process so you can get down to business developing.


FTP is automatically activated in your new web hosting account and we'll send your FTP connection information right in your very first welcome email. Whether you prefer Filezilla, SmartFTP or another FTP client, we've got you covered.

Free SSH Access

Shell access to your server is often required by your developer if you're doing serious development. That's why we give you 100% free, instant SSH access on sign up. No need to even turn it on.