How does it work?

We offer one free migration for each Drupal or WordPress website that you join to one of our Linux hosting plans.

To proceed, all we need is:

  1. Your WP admin or Drupal user 1 login from your current website,
  2. Your cPanel login,
  3. Access to your current domain and hosting control panel(s).

We also require that you refrain from editing your site or working on your site in any form once we have started the migration. This is so that the rest of the Internet can pick up your website's new location. It can take up to 2 days although it is often a lot quicker.

We will let you know as soon as the migration is complete.

Will I lose any emails or will my website be down?

Our process usually ensures that you will not lose any emails and any downtime to your website is kept to an absolute minimum (an hour or so), although, due to the nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee it.