Increased security at no extra cost

You get free SSL available on your account for enhanced visitor and site security. Best of all, your SSL certificate is automatically applied to your account for free so you get that increased security on your site by default!

We use Let's Encrypt, a Certificate Authority that provides you with free SSL Certificates for your domain. Best of all, Let's Encrypt is just as secure as paid SSL alternatives.

For just about any website today, you need an SSL Certificate. 

What is an SSL certificate?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provides safe communication via the internet. SSL Certificates protect sensitive information with encryption techniques when transmitting information between a web server and a web browser. Millions of websites use SSL Certificates on their site to keep their customers' and their visitors' information safe. Your visitors will notice that your site is protected by an SSL Certificate because your website URL will begin with HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. Additional signals of a site being secured by HTTPs is the padlock in the browser bar and a green extended validation bar found in more advanced SSL Certificate options. Some SSL Certificates also offer you a secure site seal for you to publish to signify to your visitors that your website is safe and their information is safe from potential attackers.

Do you need an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are strongly recommended if you have a website that receives or transmit any sensitive information like credit card numbers, license numbers, social security numbers etc. They are also strongly recommended for any pages where a password is submitted. While SSL certificates especially important in these instances, it has become more evident recently that all sites should actually be SSL protected. That's because many browsers have started to flag sites that are not using the SSL/HTTPS protocol for being unsafe. Protecting your site with an SSL certificate can prevent you from having this distinction.